Don’t end up like Homer Simpson and his Garage Door

Garage doors are dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always hire a contractor and save the trouble.

“For the most part, the local garage door guys could sell the door and do the install with new tracks and hardware cheaper than I could find the just the door for sale.”

Replacing or installing a new garage door and it all looks so straightforward. The reality is quite different. First, it is at least a two person job. Second, garage doors are very heavy and modern residential garage doors – with their multi-layered construction – are cumbersome. One wrong move and the entire door can come crashing down, injuring yourself as well as the door.

Being crushed by a garage door is a very real danger in DIY repair. These doors can weigh approximately 100-200 lbs, so even a short fall can cause severe injuries. A common cause of door slips is an improper disconnection of the door restraints, which is a likely step to perform in many garage door repairs. If the door falls, it could damage the door itself, the objects inside the garage, and even you.

You don’t want to try to repair your garage door and end up with the door collapsing in on itself. This will end up by requiring a complete replacement of the door by a specialized company just like Uplift Garage Door Services.