Garage door panels replacement and repair services available anytime at UpLift, Edmonton, Alberta. A garage door has a number of components which include bracket, cable drum, panels, extension spring and so on. Among these, panels are the parts which glitch the most frequently. However, they play a very crucial role for holding structural integrity of the door and are also known to bring about aesthetic appeal.

How Does It look Like?

At first, a broken panel may look somewhat like a cosmetic problem. But as time passes, it can end in compromising the security of your garage by leading to further damage of movable parts in the door, including struts and tracks. By and by, it can hamper the functionality of your garage door almost entirely. However, if you consider to switch out a single malfunctioning panel, it may still bring down the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the door… Therefore, in such circumstances you need a professional assessment to figure out the actual problem and also deal with it effectively.

Cost Estimate

Without seeing what’s going on, we can’t be sure. What we can do is come out to your house and do a service call and full inspection –completely free of charge! We will give you a quote and it if sounds good to you, we will get your garage fixed up in no time.

Here at UpLift Garage Door Services, our goal is to provide the best garage door panel replacement service using state-of-the-art tools and replacement products. We know how a defective panel can diminish the value and utility of a garage door. Considering this, we provide the best replacement service based on the requirement. Once we have fixed the problem, you won’t need to worry about it again for many years to come.

Call UpLift Today

As your local garage door experts, we know better than to stray far from the shop without a few extra parts. What does this mean to you? 90% of the time we can fix any garage door problem in the initial visit since we carry spares in the service truck!

So if you wish to opt for our high-end garage door panel replacement service in Edmonton, give us a call today.