Your garage door by all means should never shake. If your garage door happens to be shaking while either closing or opening or even both it is essential to check all metal parts including hinges and springs, as well as tracks. You should check these parts for damage and any deformation. broken parts should be repaired or replaced immediately as it could result in a safety accident.

The noises which garage doors make while opening or closing are the result of worn out rollers or other loose parts. To solve this issue it is important to lubricate and tuneup the hardware in your garage door. In addition, it is helpful to replace the more worn out parts and add anti-vibration pads to the garage opener

It is essential to perform check ups on your garage every once in a while. Inspect all parts and replace the worn once. It is also important to call a garage door specialist if you are facing any difficulties with your garage door. Do not forget to lubricate your garage door parts approximately every six months.

Lubricant is very important in maintaining an efficient and safe garage door. The best lubricant would be a silicon-based spray. You can find these at most retail stores. Silicone-based sprays are useful because they do not wear out quickly and they cling to the garage door parts.

The different garage door materials that are available range from steel, wood, wood composite, vinyl, and aluminum. Steel garage doors are usually are the least costly and are also maintenance free. Wood or wood composite garage doors need maintenance yet provide aesthetic to your home or building. If your garage door is for commercial purposes such as a mechanic shop, we would recommend a “full view aluminum” where you are able to see through the garage door.

Garage doors use an infrared light beams to allow the door to reverse if something is in the way. This is used for safety purposes in order to prevent an accident. First, check if something is blocking the infrared lights, such as a shovel or even a spiderweb. If nothing is blocking the sensors then they are either damaged or worn out. They may need replacement or realignment.