Uplift can repair garage door openers (Opener Repair) in greater Edmonton, Alberta. The opener of any garage door works at the core of ensuring its proper functionality. Being an extremely intricate component, it generally comprises several complex parts working in sync for allowing the door to be lowered and raised smoothly without impedance of any sort. But there are a few serious problems that can affect the working of the opener, they include:

  • Misaligned photo eyes
  • Faulty sprockets or warn gears
  • Damaged motor
  • Worn out drive belt or drivetrain
  • Malfunctioning limit switches
  • Damaged circuit boards

Opener repairs may or may not require installation of extra parts and certain adjustments can do the trick for solving the problem.

As such, allow experts from UpLift Garage Door Services to take care of the problem for you with professional garage door opener repair service. Backed by several years of experience, state-of-the-art tools and up-to-date knowledge, we can competently service various different brands of openers. After reaching your place, our technician will carefully examine the issue and fix it with due diligence, thereby restoring your garage door opener to full functionality once again.

Thus, if you are Edmonton and have a garage door opener that needs servicing, you know who to contact. So simply pick up the phone and call us right away.